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Earth Momma - 2 oz Fursuit Spray, floral perfume scent


Envelop yourself in a gentle floral scent with this 2 ounce bottle of fursuit spray! Imbued with the fresh scent of vanilla, honeysuckle, and daisy, it smells delicate and feminine and sooo nice!

To use, simply spray it on your fursuit at a distance of 6-8 inches away. Allow the alcohol to evaporate after about 15 seconds, then sniff. Smellin’ good there, buddy! Different scents are stronger than others. I like to spray my fursuit about three times, your preferences may differ. Fursuit spray is not a substitute for washing your fursuit.

Full FAQ: http://lobitaworks.com/post/139145068321/lobitaworks-fursuit-spray-faq-what-is-fursuit

Do not ingest. Due to postal restrictions, this can only ship within the US.

Full ingredients list:
isopropyl rubbing alcohol, water, fragrance oil, glycerine