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Jane Doe the Piebald Deer Partial Suit


Meet Jane Doe! Modeled after a rare color mutation found in nature, this lovely lady has a unique design with brown and white patches of fur, different colored eyes, and a shiny pink nose. This fursuit head has special interchangeable eyelids, to achieve a wide range of facial expressions!

This costume is for sale as a partial suit with soft hoof hands, deer nub tail, and flower crown by BunnyBatCreations! You will also receive a digital ref sheet and a conbadge (I can change the character's name by request). This costume is brand-new and comes with a 90 day warranty and cleaning/care instructions.

Head will fit up to a 25" crown measurement. Hands are roomy, one size fits most.

Buyer can commission additional costume parts if desired, the brown and white furs used are readily available online.