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Molasses Morsels - 2 oz fursuit spray, gingerbread + honey scent

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Enjoy the warm scent of fresh baked gingerbread and honey with this 2 ounce bottle of fursuit spray! It smells so delicious, I must issue a vore warning- people might want to eat you when you wear this. ;) It's spiced, it's sweet, it's really quite nice.

To use, simply spray it on your fursuit at a distance of 6-8 inches away. Allow the alcohol to evaporate after about 15 seconds, then sniff. Smellin’ good there, buddy! Different scents are stronger than others. I like to spray my fursuit about three times, your preferences may differ. Fursuit spray is not a substitute for washing your fursuit.

Full FAQ: http://lobitaworks.com/post/139145068321/lobitaworks-fursuit-spray-faq-what-is-fursuit

Do not ingest. Due to postal restrictions, this can only ship within the US.

Full ingredients list:
isopropyl rubbing alcohol, water, fragrance oil, glycerine