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Smoregasbord - 2 oz fursuit spray, s'mores scent

$6.00 / Sold Out

Feel like you're out camping with this 2 ounce bottle of fursuit spray! Chock full of the ooey gooey sweet scent of chocolate and marshmallow melting all over graham crackers! Makes me hungry! I'm calling this Smoregasbord v 2.0- based on feedback I received at Furry Weekend Atlanta, I've reformulated it and it's better than ever!

What is fursuit spray? It's a solution that kills surface germs and leaves your fursuit smelling amazing! It's not a substitute for washing your fursuit, but for instance at conventions, it's a great way to freshen up and give your fursuit a unique scent. It also makes a great general room freshener!

Do not ingest. Due to postal restrictions, this will ship via ground shipping in the US only.

Full ingredients list:
isopropyl rubbing alcohol, water, fragrance oil, glycerine